Android application used for documenting the production process, currently in use at TOORS and VAN WIJK NEDERLAND

Our task was to shorten the process of searching for a specific order in case of a complaint or retrieving details concerning a specific customer order. Until we launched our solution, everything had to be photographed with a digital camera and uploaded into weekly folders which made searching for specific orders very difficult. Our suggested solution matched with the current production process allowing production operators to shoot images. The device automatically uploads images on the server and assigns them to a specific order based on a pre-scanned barcode. The solution also includes a web application allowing intuitive and simple searching and downloading photodocumentation.

Project results


Return of investment within less than six months.

Continuous usage

The application is in use continuously. 100 000 photos made within less than a year of being in operation.

Time saving

Saves labour time of 3 days per worker per month.


The application is so intuitive that it is also used by conservative workers who do not usually work with smartphones.