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AppBlock is an application made by our team that allows users to temporarily block mobile apps they want to limit the use of.

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The Challenge

In an effort to increase productivity among the MobileSoft team, AppBlock emerged as an internal mobile application development project. 

With so many distractions from social media and other notifications, the team at MobileSoft found themselves constantly being pulled away from their work. They wanted an innovative and technologically savvy way to combat this issue and become more efficient as a team.

what we did

  • Mobile app UI & UX: We have prepared a design that is nice to the eye, but above all 100% functional.
  • iOS & Android development: AppBlock is available for Android on Google Play.
  • App website & marketing: Together with the app, we started the web and took care of advertising.

"Finally an app that does what it says it's going to do."

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  • Unique solution: AppBlock was the first to offer solutions to block other applications.
  • Clarity: With A / B testing, people aren't lost in the app.
  • Media interest: Leading mobile development sites have mentioned our solution.
  • Marketing: Almost all users download the app organically.

The Results

We came up with an innovative tool called AppBlock, which allows the user to set time limits on their app usage and determine when they don’t want to be disturbed by notifications. 

Once the app was fully developed we started a comprehensive marketing and promotional plan. Two years after its launch we hit the 500,000 download milestone. Today, we make regular updates to the app to ensure it has the latest technology and features. AppBlock is now generating a profit with in-app purchases and advertising placements as well as growing its user base everyday. 

Ultimately, investing in our own mobile app development project was risky, but it allowed us to empathize with our MobileSoft clients and understand their needs from a development perspective. Sharing our app with the public also gave us the ability to help others increase productivity and be free of unwanted distractions.

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