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Vodafone eDohled is one of the key tools for fleet monitoring. In addition to monitoring where your assets are currently located, you can also monitor other parameters such as temperature, humidity, shock, impact, speeding, tilt and more.

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Vodafone eDohled


Types of maps

Years of development


The company Level Systems, whose Positrex is also used by Vodafone, came to us at a stage when the application was gradually created using internal capacities. The application no longer corresponded to the current trends and possibilities, nor to the level of quality of the hardware solution that Positrex was at that time.

When considering the new solution, we had to take into account that the application already has a large user base, which we did not want to lose with any major change.

Case study

What we did

  • Mobile app UI & UX: We have prepared a design that is nice to the eye and above all 100% functional.
  • iOS & Android development: The application is available for both leading platforms.
  • App website & marketing:With the app, we also launched the website and took care of advertising.




  • Rebranding: ready for next versions
  • Intuitiveness: users don't get lost in the app
  • Notifications: important news for the users
  • Widgets: for a quick overview


Together with the client, we revised the existing functions. The most effective solution turned out to be creating a whole new version of the application based on new technologies. At the same time, we prepared a completely new graphic design for the application.

The result of our cooperation is a mobile application that enables possibly the easiest and clearest monitoring of the vehicle fleet possible. The user orients himself via widgets directly on the main phone screen. All important data is quickly displayed in the application using graphs.

Thanks to its advantages, the application is today used by companies with large vehicle fleets as well as households that want to control the family car.

What client say

“MobileSoft has taken over the creation of our mobile application Positrex. They started from scratch and on a new platform. The new application took about a year to fully replace the original one, but the result is worth all the effort. No one doubts that it was the right decision to entrust the whole work to MobileSoft. In addition to big technological progress, our customers have also acquired a very modern design. The ongoing cooperation was excellent and brought a lot of new ideas and improvements which would not otherwise occur to us. We can highly recommend MobileSoft.”

Ing. Michal FaltaVodafone

Managing Director - Level Systems

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