TeeTime is a well-known technology platform for golfers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We developed a comprehensive mobile app to improve their reservation system and check-in system.


The task was to develop an app for the reservation system and web portal to familiarise golf players with the site’s capabilities and offer more comfortable reservation using their mobile devices. Thanks to our excellent collaboration with TeeTime SE and Služby.cz, we managed to incorporate in the app, along with the actual reservation, tour results and applications, individual player profiles and many more. Subsequently, we helped build applications for individual golf courses.

Project results

More comfortable than web version

40% of golf course reservations is made via mobile applications.

Best known golf application

There are about 30 000 active golf players in the Czech Republic right now. Our TeeTime app is currently installed in cell phones of more than 35 000 people, so even people who do not actively play golf use it.


Worldwide, TeeTime is a unique solution. Nowhere in the world will you find such a comfortable golf course reservation tool.


More than 20 additional mobile applications have been made based on TeeTime. Using a large part of features of the base app, their development can be finished in only hours.


Making golf course reservation easier through a mobile application.