M&M Reality is the largest, most successful Czech real estate agency. We took a stack of documents and turned them into a single application.


M&M Realty was using a manual system to sell and finance real estate properties which consisted of taking notes and using paper documents. Their realtors would also have to transfer their notes to the companies’ internal system at the end of their workday, ultimately creating an inefficient and cumbersome process. The team at M&M was in desperate need of a solution that would help streamline operations and increase productivity.

Project results

Unique solution

The idea of replacing a bag full of papers with a small tablet is revolutionary.


We save our forests by enabling brokers to get rid of heaps of paper documents, presentation materials and contracts.


Since everything is happening in real time, the length of the sales process has been reduced to the very minimum.

No time wasted

Brokers and financial advisors save tens of hours thanks to the fact that they do not need to copy data from paper into information systems. Preparation times for meetings with clients are also reduced to only minutes.


On 5 October 2017, our team was present at a summit where the fruit of our common effort taking more than a year of development was being presented in front of 2500 people.