A MobileSoft original application that helps people increase productivity by reducing cell phone usage.


In an effort to raise the productivity of our work, AppBlock emerged as our internal project. You know how it feels when you get a message beep, spend hours on social networks and have to reply to all your friends on messenger. Our application solves this problem. It allows the user to set when, how long and what type of applications he or she uses, or the time not to be disturbed by notifications.

Project results

Be your own customer

Investing into one's own project always means a certain risk. It is also thanks to our AppBlock app that we are able to empathise with our customers and do the utmost to get their investment returned.

Promotion of a mobile app all over the world

Having launched an application, you look forward to seeing customers eager to download it. What a nasty surprise, nobody shows interest! To avoid it, you need to let people know of your application by getting in touch with journalists, efficiently working on social networks and treating your first users.

Over 500.000 downloads

In December 2017, nearly 2 years and 2 months after its launch, AppBlock achieved 500.000 downloads.

Updating an application used by plenty of users

When you are responsible for an application used each day by tens of thousands of people you must be very cautious when pushing updates. One wrong step may totally kill the application.

Monetising application

AppBlock as such is free. It earns money thanks to advertising and in-app purchases. After the first six months the application turned into green figures. Currently, it is generating profit.

Customer support

The number of e-mails we receive grows with the growing number of users. We have learned how to respond and thoughtfully implement requirements into new features.