Online property insurance arrangements

Komerční pojišťovna

Komerční pojišťovna (insurance firm within Société Générale Group, or “KP”) is a company that we should not need to introduce – one of the largest insurance agencies in the Czech Republic, awarded in 2019 as the most client-friendly and ranking second for their life insurance.

Online property insurance arrangements

The Challenge

Based on our cooperation with M&M Holding, we embarked on a bold mission to make possible taking out a real estate insurance policy without a single sheet of paper – purely online. We designed a custom solution for KP that allows users to enter data in the app and receive an insurance quote.

What we did

    • On-line insurance: A functional solution for purchasing real estate or household insurance in a matter of seconds without the need for a single piece of paper or a signature.
    • Communication with the server and use of RUIAN data: We utilized data from the information system and from RUIAN – by doing this we made the insurance purchase process significantly faster!

"property insurance without papers in five minutes."

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  • The speed of buying an insurance policy without a single sheet of paper.
  • Precise determination of the address location needed for calculation (using RUIAN data).
  • Dynamic recalculation of premiums, direct connection to data from the insurance company.

The Results

The solution for Komerční pojišťovna enables their clients to buy an insurance very simply, without the use of paper and the need for a signature. Thanks to actual prices calculated from accurate data about the real estate, the KP online insurance has become extremely popular with financial advisers. 

This app is of great help for advisers as it collects all important data directly from the insurer and from the information system. The business portion is therefore substantiated by the real price of the insurance which speeds up the whole process significantly.

The insurance agency also greatly benefits from this application. The process of purchasing insurance through the app is so simple that the network of advisers have come to love it which has brought many new clients to KP.

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