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BeerSport is a mobile app that works on the principle of cashback payments for beer and an active user account. With the help of artificial intelligence, it recognizes what restaurant a person is sitting in and what beer they are drinking. This allows breweries to offer beer fans their favorite drink for free.

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Types of maps

Years of development



Zdeněk Nový contacted us back when he was behind the successful CoolTicket app for buying tickets to cultural events. At that time, he had two important steps ahead of him: to replace the internal team of developers with an external supplier and to target the app under the new name BeerSport at brewery customers.

The original application had to be completely redesigned and adapted to the new requirements. At the same time, it had to remain easy to use for tens of thousands of existing users.

Case study


  • Mobile app UI & UX: Připravili jsme design, který je hezký na oko, ale především 100% funkční.
  • iOS & Android development: Aplikace je dostupná pro obě hlavní platformy.
  • App website & marketing: Společně s appkou jsme rozjeli i web a postarali se o reklamu.


Logo Screen


  • Rebranding: ready for next versions
  • Intuitiveness: users don't get lost in the app
  • Notifications: important news for the user
  • Widgets: for a quick overview


Together with the client, we created new graphic designs and description of the current functionality. From this, we found that the most effective solution, in this case, would be to create a new version of the application based on new technologies.

The result of our cooperation is a mobile application that enables simple and clear fleet monitoring. We display the data using widgets and show all the data about the unit to the user using graphs.

The app has become a great help, both from companies and household customers who want to be in control of their vehicles.

What client say

“Oceňuji vřelý přístup a zároveň profesionalitu. Po večerech jsme u piva řešili možnosti spolupráce a následně nastoupili do efektivní softwarové továrny MobileSoft, která produkuje moderní mobilní aplikace. Klíčové je pokrytí všech výrobních cyklů od návrhu, testů po servisní dohled v produkčním provozu. Těším se na další spolupráci.  ”

Zdeněk NovýBeerSport


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