Pivovary (CZ/SK)

Application that saw the birth of our company. Pivovary (Breweries) will tell you where to go for a beer in every corner of Czechia and Slovakia.

Pivovary (CZ/SK)

This application was the very beginning of our company’s history. In 2012, Míra and Honza took their phones out of their pockets and after a few evenings at a computer, they released the Pivovary app. It was very surprising how fast users found it and even without a single cent spent on promotion it was getting up to 800 downloads per day. We seized the opportunity, started offering mobile applications and marked the birth of our company.

Project results

Number one in beer

Most used czech beer application.


Almost 100 000 downloads.

Most ratings

Over 35 000 user ratings on beers and breweries added throuhg our application.

Trip destinations

485 breweries visited every day by users of our app.

First launched application

MobileSoft s.r.o. founded.