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Our own app that allows users to discover breweries nearby. It connects the beer community with breweries.

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The beer industry has been largely dominated by two large corporations, but in the last decade there has been a sharp rise in craft breweries and microbreweries all over the world. Craft beer drinkers want better flavors, more variety, and to support their local community. They are willing to pay more and travel further in order to find the best beer available.

MobileSoft noticed this growing trend and felt that other business directory apps fell short when it came to including every brewery available to beer lovers. Many were left undiscovered and were difficult to find.

what we did

  • Mobile app UI & UX: We have prepared a design that is nice to the eye but above all 100% functional.
  • iOS & Android development: The application is available for both major platforms.
  • App website & marketing: Together with the app we started the web and took care of advertising. 

"Very good application."

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  • The most used beer navigator in central Europe.
  • Organic growth for users with minimal advertising investment.
  • Ready for worldwide beer market.
  • Low uninstall rate of application after start.


The team wanted to provide a hub for craft beer enthusiasts to discover any and every brewery near them, and thus, the Brewee app was born. With Brewee, users can find all breweries in their local community and when traveling the world. They can access hundreds of reviews and interact with fellow beer lovers to find the brewery that’s best for them.

Brewee also serves as a valuable tool for craft breweries that want to increase their exposure, attract new customers, and turn their current visitors into loyal followers. Premium features allow access to robust analytics and to gain actionable insights on their customers.

The application can be used across all industries and is perfect for small businesses such as coffee shops or cafes. We have seen huge success since the launch with 70,000 downloads worldwide, 50,000 total brewery reviews in app, and over 1,700 reviews on Google Play. Today, Brewee has 20,000 active users (as of July, 2019).

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