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MyQ is an international IT company that develops intelligent printing, copying and scanning management software. They have more than 1 million installations in the private and public sectors worldwide.

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MyQ X & MyQ Roger

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The first challenge was to create the application MyQ X to replace the original server-based printing solution. The second was to get rid of the server and allow printing from mobile devices regardless of the network the phone is connected to. 

Our intentions were clear from the beginning - to use the cloud. By implementing Google Drive and OneDrive cloud services, MyQ Roger, the application MyQ Roger, the main tool for controlling mobile printing, was created. In addition to printing files from cloud services, the application allows the creation of a scanning profile with preset parameters. Afterwards, the file can easily be scanned to Google Drive or OneDrive.

Case study

what we did

  • Mobile app UI & UX: We have prepared a design that is nice to the eye and above all 100% functional.
  • iOS & Android development: The application is available for both leading platforms.
  • App website & marketing: With the app, we also launched the website and took care of advertising.



Advantages of the application

    • Easy to log in using Google, Apple and Microsoft
    • Voice control the app with Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts
    • Log in to your printer with QR code, NFC and Bluetooth technology
    • Create PDF documents via your phone’s camera
    • The ability to also use it on a Chromebook
    • App optimized for users with visual impairments. Has the ability to control it using tools like Google Talkback and Voiceover


After a year of development in cooperation with MyQ, our solution received two major rewards. Firstly, MyQ Roger was named the IT product of the year in the category of print solutions according to the editors of the magazine In the UK, it was subsequently awarded the price for the best mobile print solution in the world by the PrintIT awards panel of experts. It outperformed apps from HP, Brother and other leading print solution providers, whose products are regularly used by more than 50 million users.

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