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ApuTime is a smart project management tool using AI (Artificial Intelligence). Thanks to modern possibilities and a timeless approach, a mobile application that works in conjunction with the client’s current web version was developed, saving people’s time in the field.

Get it on Google Play
Get it on Google Play

The challenge

Considering the whole of ApuTime solution, we needed to offer users a simple tool that would let them know exactly what they can work on while simultaneously making it comfortable to use on a mobile device.

Another reason for creating the application apart from better mobile accessibility was to establish one more channel for advertising the entire project.

what we did

    • Mobile app UI & UX: We have prepared a design that is nice to the eye but above all 100% functional.
    • iOS & Android development: The application is available for both major platforms.
    • App website & marketing: Together with the app we started the web and took care of advertising.

"effectively plans work across the team so everyone knows exactly when to start working on it."

Logo Screen

App's Virtues

  • Ease of use – users can easily access what they need.
  • AI – thanks to artificial intelligence the app can plan tasks efficiently.
  • Native appearance – you can't tell the app was programmed in Flutter.
  • Scalability – the application is ready for future expansion worldwide.

the results

Based on the type of project it was decided to use the capabilities of the Flutter programming language. This allowed us to create the native applications for both iOS and Android in just one source code. As a result, development costs were saved and it will be simpler and cheaper for us to manage and perform any updates on the project in the future.

The result of the collaboration is a mobile application that allows ApuTime users to assign new tasks, log project time or thanks to AI see exactly what needs to get done as soon as possible and what can wait.

What client say

“Thanks to the professionalism and experience of MobileSoft, a mobile application was created that meets the exact needs of our users, and I hope that together we will keep pushing ApuTime forward.”

Martin LonskýApuTime


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