Project manager

We are looking for someone who

  • knows that Java is not just an island and API an abbreviation for the American Petroleum Institute, simply someone who has a clue of what this or that software development term means.
  • will be dedicated to our applications keeping an eye on the entire development process.
  • is communicative, able to achieve agreement with the customer, pass the idea on to programmers and, finally, test the results.
  • is interested in the world of mobile applications, keen to learn more about the latest trends and innovations

We will appreciate your:

  • experience regarding project management
  • experience with Jira (by Attlasian)
  • programming skills and knowledge
  • IT background

We offer

  • getting new experience and constantly moving forward – we focus on mobile applications only, without further distractions
  • possibility to have influence – we are no big corporate and if we want to make a change, we have the strength and possibility to do so
  • all equipment you need to do your job (Mac, phones and other testing devices)
  • fair treatment towards you and our customers – we do not overvalue projects nor make stuff up, customers pay only for work that actually gets done
  • above-average pay